This mini card or tablet weaving loom is based on our mini inkle loom.  Card woven strips were used in almost every culture through history, as trim strips, belts, and straps. 

Weaving cards or tablets available here.

These mini card or tablet weaving looms are made of furniture grade ply-wood.  Do not let the word plywood discourage you from this loom.  Plywood is an engineered wood and has been made for thousands of years; the earliest known occurrence of plywood was in ancient Egypt around 3500 BC when wooden articles were made from sawn veneers glued together crosswise. 

Interested in one each of the mini card and inkle looms?  Please see our inkle/card sets.
Individual looms may be purchased below.  We also offer Hardwood Card/Tablet Looms in 5 sizes.

Each piece is hand rubbed with oil and paste wax, this helps to protect the wood and prolong the life of your loom.

We offer 6 sizes of portable Card/Tablet looms, our Mini Card/Tablet Loom, the minis are made from a furniture grade plywood, the mini will do about 5 feet.  Hardwood Card/Tablet Looms in 5 sizes.  The Model 6, Model 10, Model 15 and 15HD, Model 20. The Model number corresponds to the warped footage per loom, the HD\'s are our heavy duty model. Our newest addition is a 15 yard floor card/tablet loom. See our comparison chart here.

The following shipping fees are for U.S. orders only.  Out of country shipping fees vary per country please inquire.

Mini Card Tablet Looms sell for $35.00 each, U.S. shipping is $16.00

Mini Card Tablet Loom Maple
Right hand model

Mini Card Tablet Loom Maple
Left hand model

Mini Card Tablet Loom Oak
Right handed model

Mini Card Tablet Loom Oak
Left handed model

We make our card tablet looms out of various hardwoods from around the world, mini looms are made of furniture grade plywood. A good portion of our wood is reclaimed, this prevents some of the most beautiful wood from ending up in the dumpster. Each piece is hand rubbed with an oil and paste wax finish, this helps to protect the wood and prolong the life of your loom. All of our looms come complete with a shuttle, and a small booklet to help get you started.  Here are a few simple patterns.

We do SCA events, Renaissance Faires, and other events from California to Pennsylvania, if you see us at one of these events feel free to stop by for help or just to chat about weaving.

All of our wood products are marked with our pinecone brand, so that you know you are receiving a Palmer Looms original. These are not a buy / sell product, each piece is handcrafted with care, by my wife and myself. Our looms are also available in a left handed style.

Shipping is by Priority Mail or First Class Mail. Yes, we do ship out of country.
Please contact us for shipping quote before making your purchase, thank you.

We accept credit cards through Square or Pay Pal, or you may contact us direct for credit card payment, we also accept for payment, U.S. postal money orders, cashiers checks, e-checks, and personal checks. Your shipment will be held until your e-check or check clears.

Shipments normally go out twice a week, except on special order woods.

If you have a problem with any of our weaving supplies, please contact us, we stand behind our products.


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